Can Solar Panels Be Installed On The Ground?

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Homeowners interested in adding solar at their home may be most familiar with rooftop solar panels, spotting them atop residences and commercial properties. At Pink Energy, we’re experts in rooftop installation, but we also specialize in ground-mounted solar panels because we know that rooftops may not always be the best solution for homeowners!

When shopping for a solar energy system, it’s important to fully explore the available products, their potential benefits and their price ranges. Let’s discuss the differences between ground and roof-mounted solar panels to help you make the best decision for your home.

What Are Ground-Mounted Solar Panels?

Ground-mounted solar panels offer an alternative to homeowners with limited roof space or older, less sturdy roofing material that may need replacing during the solar system’s lifespan. These panels are usually held by metal framing at a fixed, predetermined angle which is measured by the angle of where you receive the most sunlight. The panels can be installed wherever permissible on your property.

Ground-Mounted Solar Panels Versus Roof-Mounted Solar Panels

For homeowners with a smaller roof area or older roofs in need of replacing, ground-mounted solar panels may be worth considering. While less common than rooftop solar panels, they do offer the same benefits of a rooftop solar energy system, including a reduction of your carbon footprint and potentially a reduction of your grid dependency. It’s worth noting that most homeowners are typically able to utilize a rooftop solar energy system if the roof has been prepared correctly for installation, leaving their yards clear for other purposes. 

There are other homeowners who would rather not have solar on their roof for aesthetic reasons or because a homeowners association won’t allow it. If aesthetics are personally important to you, know that Pink Energy installs modern, all-black solar panels that draw very little attention. While ground mounts may be a bit more pricey because of the extra work required to install them, they are more accessible for cleaning, which is a big positive.

Our team of experts will provide you with a full assessment of your roof and land space to help you determine which solar energy system best meets your energy needs.

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