Solar Panel Efficiency in VA

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The efficiency and production of your solar panel system are dependent on where you live, your solar panel system setup and the weather conditions and trends of the season. That’s why it’s so important to do your research before you add solar in Roanoke, Virginia.

Virginia is known for its mild weather and long, beautiful summers. A solar panel system can perform well in this climate, which makes Roanoke a natural location to consider solar panels for your home. If you’re wondering what helps your solar panel efficiency, you should check out the details below.

How Solar Efficiency Works

Solar panel efficiency is determined by measuring a solar panel’s ability to convert sunlight into electricity, or by how much incoming sunlight the solar panel can convert into usable electricity. This is measured by examining the difference in energy production between two different solar panels experiencing the same sunlight levels.

Solar panel efficiency can be influenced by the solar cells that make up the solar panel, as well as the cell composition, electrical configuration of the panel and the actual setup of the panel when installed.

What Is Average For Solar Panel Efficiency?

Most solar panels have between a 15% efficiency rating and a 20% efficiency rating, meaning they will convert between 15% and 20% of incoming sunlight into electricity. There are a few outliers on each side, but for the most part, that covers what you can expect from a standard solar panel setup.

How To Maximize Solar Panel Efficiency

Maximizing your solar panel efficiency means several things. 

  1. Do Your Research — Before going solar, talk to a solar expert about which solar panel brand will be the best option for your home. 
  2. Professional Installation — No matter how high quality your solar panels are, they won’t operate at peak efficiency if they aren’t installed properly. To ensure that you don’t miss out on any benefits from your solar panel system, make sure that your solar system is professionally installed by an experienced team.
  3. Reduce Your Overall Energy Use — To make your solar energy go further, install energy-efficient upgrades that will help your home operate at a greener level.

Get The Highest Efficiency Solar Panel System With Pink Energy

Solar panel efficiency will vary depending on your home and location, but you can rely on Pink Energy to provide top-tier, American-made solar panels and a professional installation that will maximize your efficiency and make going solar the best decision you’ve ever made. Find out more about how our team can help you enjoy the benefits of solar energy.