Why You Should Go Solar in Roanoke, VA

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Going solar and potentially relying less on the power grid may seem like a major lifestyle adjustment. But the fact is, the transition can actually be smoother than you anticipate. When you go solar in Roanoke, VA, you can enjoy major benefits of solar energy that include potential savings, reliability, renewable energy and much more.

Still on the fence about going solar? You can find out more about why you should add solar energy to your Roanoke home below!

Potentially Save On Your Electricity Bills

When you produce your own solar energy, you can reduce your reliance on the grid which means you can save thousands of dollars on your electric bills over the course of your system’s useful life. Depending on your solar panel system and the amount of energy your home uses, you could potentially spend less on electricity each month.

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

Solar energy is a clean alternative to fossil fuels that can reduce your carbon footprint as you live a greener lifestyle. The more you can stretch your solar energy using energy-efficient products and limiting your overall energy consumption, the more you do your part to save the planet.

Enjoy Protection For The Effects Of Power Outages

When the grid goes down, anyone who relies on it is left in the dark. By adding a battery to your solar panel system, you can store excess unused solar energy for use at night or during a grid failure.

Potentially Protect Yourself From Rising Electricity Rates

When you rely on electricity companies to provide your power, you are at the mercy of their rates. This means when they rise, you have no choice but to pay the additional fee for power. When you use solar energy, you can minimize the amount of power you need from the grid and avoid the impact of rising electricity rates as much as possible.

Go Solar In Roanoke, VA With Pink Energy

If you’re still wondering whether solar energy will work for you in Roanoke, our solar professionals will be happy to help! Between our initial call and our in-home consultation, you can rest assured that your home will receive a customized solar solution that meets your energy needs and goals. Contact us to find out more about how our solar experts can help Roanoke homeowners add solar!